Hello there!  My name is Lar, and I'm an artist.  If you already knew that feel free to skip on ahead and start enjoying the links to my many and varied art links.  If you didn't know that, now you do and that's about all you need to know before you start to enjoy my many and varied art links.  If there's anything else you need to satisfy your curiousity, feel free to drop me an email.

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The Many Faces of Lar

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Standing in the Shadows

The Trumps of Amber

The Stick Figure Tarot

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The Nega-Influence

Pairaka's Studio

The Zebeckras Zone

Geary's Gallery

PreQuills: The Adventures of Dr. Waddlemeyer

The Disney Afternoon Tarot

My Disney Afternoon Sketchbook

The St. Canard Museum of Art

Collaborative Art

My Harry Potter Sketchbook

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